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Welcome to the New Knowledgebase! Welcome to the New Knowledgebase!

Welcome to the new K & B Consulting Knowledgebase.  This Knowledgebase (KB for short) is more feature-rich than our old KB, however it will take some time for us to get everything sorted out and ready to go.


The categories, which used to be on the center of the screen, are now on the left-hand side.  You can view articles at your leisure.


Like an article, and want to share it with your friends / followers?  With our new KB, it's easy to do just that! On the right side of every article are icons for sharing the article on facebook, twitter, digg, and the ability to safe a PDF of the article, and an option to print the article.


In addition, you can also use the "Instant Response" link to search for a KB Article, if one exists.  If not, feel free to open a Service Desk ticket, and we will write a KB article based off of your question.


As always, please ensure you agree to and comply to the K & B Consulting Service Agreement.


As with any new system, there may be times when the KB is unavailable, most likely due to theming changes. Consult the status page for up-to-date service statuses.

2013-06-22 03:56

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